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01 Feb 2012
ClixSense reduced minimum cashout from $8 to $6 for premium members and $10 to $8 for standard members.

28 Jan 2012: ClixSense Introduced tasks, one more methods to earn money.

17 Jan 2012
Good news for ClixSense users.  ClixSense is reducing minimum cashout starting from Feb 1.

18 Nov 2011
Neobux Improved user interface

24 Oct 2011 
Minimum cashout lowered from $10.00 to $8.00 for premium members

07 Oct 2011 
WordLinx completed 8 years. A rare and notable achievement among PTC sites

06 Oct 2011

13 Sep 2011
ClixSense has made changes on how adverts have to be viewed:
The picture challenge (CAPTCHA) is now required on all clicks.
The browser window where the advert is displayed must be at least of 640*320 pixels size.

31 Aug 2011 
InfinityBux increased minimum cashout from $4 to $10 for all cashouts

26 Aug 2011 
WordLinx added micro ads worth $0.001

14 Aug 2011 
BuxP Launched Video Offers Section. Standard members earn $0.003 per completed offer, premium members earn $0.006 per completed offer. No referral commission for this section.

30 Jul 2011
Removed TenAdsPlus from Top 10 PTC listEasyHits4U added to the list

27 Jul 2011
TenAdsPlus changed to a forced investment site. Only upgraded members can cash out now. A lot of requests to change this rule. If the site does not remove this new rule in few days, i will remove it from Top 10 PTC list

20 Jul 2011
Bux4Real has become a scam. Moved out of Top 10 PTC listPrizeLive is added to the list.

12 Jul 2011
ClixSense opened registration for Nigeria

05 Jul 2011
InfinityBux added Liberty Reserve for payment process

01 Jul 2011
BuxP reduced Paypal minimum cashout from $17.99 to $7.99 for USA,UK and CA users

30 Jun 2011
TenAdsPlus Admin is on vacation from July 1-12. Paypal cashout not possible on these days.

26 Jun 2011
Bux4Real enabled cashout

25 Jun 2011
InfinityBux restricted sign up from Vietnam

21 Jun 2011
BuxStones dropped pay/ad from $0.01 to $0.005 without any notice. Moved out of Top 10 PTC list
FavBux which is related to TeaBux is on for sale. So removing Teabux from Top 10 PTC list
BuxP and Incentria added to Top 10 PTC list

17 Jun2011
InfinityBux removed collect earning mechanism.

14 Jun2011
InfinityBux started PayPal cashout on a trial basis. Payments with PayPal will be handled manually within 24 hours. Payments with AlertPay will be instant.

07 Jun 2011
TenAdsPlus changed click/ad to $0.01 from $0.005

03 Jun 2011
Mindbux facing financial problems. Not paying currently. Moved out of Top 10 PTC list. Teabux is added to the list.
Bux4Real changed click rate from $0.002 to $0.01 with less ads.

01 Jun 2011
Rastabux showing some signs of scam site. Moved out of Top 10 PTC listBuxStones is added to the list.
MindBux disabled cashout.

31 May 2011
InfinityBux added Micro ads ($0.001), also you need to claim your clicks by clicking 'Collect earnings' button in Ads page.

29 May 2011
RastaBux reduced pay/ads from $0.007 to $0.001
TenAdsPlus shows ads rate as $0.01 but pays only $0.005 for standard members

28 May 2011
Bux4Real reopened under new ownership. Cashout is disabled for 30 days. Pending balances will be paid on July 25th

26 May 2011
Bux4Real was sold

25 May 2011
TenAdsPlus: Standard members can click only 5 ads/day

24 May 2011
MindBux and InfinityBux are continuously offering 5 ads/day for standard members.

22 May 2011
RastaBux : More number of ads are available but standard members can click only 9 ads/day

20 May 2011
Bux4Real reverted back the pay/ads to $0.01 from $0.005. Minimum 8 ads available for $0.01 and some more ads for $0.001.

18 May 2011
Bux4Real reduced pay/ads to $0.005 from $0.01. But the number of ads are more than 20.

16 May 2011
Bux4Real changed terms on payment delay. Payment Delay will be upto net 45 days. To implement new changes Cashout is not available till June 10th.

13 May 2011
aebux disabled Paypal and AlertPay cashout and looks like going to be another scam site, Removed from Top 10 PTC list
InfinityBux added to the list.

12 May 2011
Onbux is not a paying site now. Removing from Top 10 PTC list
Clicksia is added to the list.

04 May 2011
aebux disabled Paypal cashout

02 May 2011
RastaBux : Pay/Ad reduced from $0.0075 to $0.007 but no restriction on daily ad clicks for standard members.

01 May 2011
aebux temporarily disabled AlertPay cashout 

30 Apr 2011
Buxtooth is removed from Top 10 PTC list and MindBux is added

29 Apr 2011
RastaBux : Payment Wait time changes up to 30 days

28 Apr 2011
ClixSense restarted PayPal cashout and LibertyReserve is added as a cashout method

25 Apr 2011
ClixSense limited PayPal cashout and Bangladesh is added to the Restricted country list

20 Apr 2011
Buxtooth is down for 4 days. If the site is not online within a week, it will be removed from Top 10 PTC list

19 Apr 2011

10 Apr 2011
vcBux disabled cashouts. Looking for new owner.
This site will be removed from Top 10 PTC list.

04 Apr 2011
vcBux again disabled AlertPay cashouts.
RastaBux is up and working but the site is facing some hacker attacks

02 Apr 2011
vcBux restored AlertPay cashouts.

01 Apr 2011
RastaBux changing the server, so site is inaccessible in some regions.

30 Mar 2011
vcBux temporarily disabled AlertPay cashouts.

28 Mar 2011
ClixSense have lowered the PayPal withdrawal amount from $15.00 to $10.00.

26 Mar 2011
ClixSense have lowered the PayPal withdrawal amount from $20.00 to $15.00.
Minimum cashout for AlertPay accounts is $10.00.
Liberty Reserve will be added soon for cashouts. 

25 Mar 2011
Neobux has completed 3 years and still one of the best choices for PTC lovers.

Ten Ads Plus - Free Members will be able to click on 5 ads per day. Cashouts are set at $5.00 for the 1st, $8.00 for the 2nd and $10 for the 3rd) and every payout after that will be Paid at a Minimum $10.00 (14 to 30 day intervals) 

22 Mar 2011
ClixSense have lowered the PayPal withdrawal amount from $25.00 to $20.00.
Minimum cashout for AlertPay accounts is $10.00.